Calvary Missionary Baptist Church of Minden, Louisiana was organized in the home of the
late Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Rowland in the winter of 1930 with only seven charter members.  
Others who were instrumental in establishing the church were elders R.P. Reeves, T.N. Davis
and T.H. Carter.

The seven charter members of Calvary Church were Mrs. Inez Rowland Landrem, elder and
Mrs. R.P. (Myrtle) Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Rowland and Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Stell.  Hope
Missionary Baptist Church of Heflin, Louisiana extended the authority for the organization.  
Elder T.H. Carter was the first pastor of the church.  The church adopted the name "Second
Baptist Church" and held services in a building on Reynolds Street in west Minden until 1938.

In 1937, the church purchased the corner property of Shreveport Road and Randal Street in
west Minden and erected a frame building in 1938.  The church held its first service at that
location in May 1938 and changed its name to "Calvary Missionary Baptist Church".  Several
buildings and expansions were completed in that location.

In 1951, Calvary Church, under the leadership of Dr. L.L. Clover, began bible classes for
Christian workers.  In 1952, Calvary officially began the Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute
and Seminary.  Calvary has sponsored or endorsed several missions, seminaries and military
chaplains in a worldwide outreach.

Calvary Church on February 28, 1996, voted to relocate its facilities to the east side of Minden.
 Construction began December 2, 2002 on new facilities at 1400 Homer Road.  The church
observed dedication Sunday on November 2, 2003.

Pastors have been T.H. Carter, Eugene Moore, E.K. Begley, C.C. Bishop, Paul Byars, R.P.
Reeves, Julian Pope, L.L. Clover, Irvin Roshto, Don McCormick and presently James A.

The history of Calvary church reveals a rich heritage.  Calvary gives thanks to God for all his
blessings of grace.  Realizing that the past labors will not suffice for the future, we continue to
labor until the return of Jesus Christ.